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Integrated Dispensing Function Package from ABB delivers up to 3X the speed of conventional robotic dispensing systems

2015-07-07 - The Integrated Dispensing Function Package from ABB is the world's first fully integrated robotic dispensing system. At up to 3X faster than conventional gluing and sealing systems, it will do wonders for your cycle times and productivity.

ABB has a long history of offering robotic gluing and sealing technology solutions. Designed to meet a growing demand for quality, flexibility and productivity, the company’s latest innovation, the Integrated Dispensing Function Package delivers up to 3X the speed of conventional systems. It is the only solution on the market to fully integrate the dispensing control process into the robot controller to increase performance and minimize risks.

“ABB is excited to be able to provide customers with an easy-to-use solution capable of meeting the growing demand for gluing and sealing technologies,” says ABB Product Manager Robert Braun. “Because the function package is integrated into the IRC5’s internal motion control system, it automatically knows the robot’s next move, allowing it to dispense materials with greater precision and accuracy than traditional solutions.”

Comprised of a complete set of dispensing components, ABB’s Integrated Dispensing Function Package includes electrical driven dosers, gluing and sealing applicators, standard and heated hoses, peltier- based material temperature conditioning units and, when necessary, pumps for material supply.

“Our new dispensing function package is a headache free solution which combines speed and quality to reduce cycle times as well as costs,” says Braun. “By providing a complete package - robot and application equipment – ABB has reduced complexity giving the robot the freedom it needs to perform other important tasks.” 

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