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ABB’s elevated rail for the IRB 5500 increases flexibility of Stop & Go paint shops

2015-10-15 - ABB’s Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500 reduces cycle times by as much as 10% on Stop & Go automotive paint lines.

ABB today introduced an elevated rail solution for Stop & Go paint lines. Designed specifically for ABB’s IRB 5500, the system expands the flexibility of the IRB 5500 which as the most flexible working envelope of any paint robot. 

“When designing this new elevated rail solution we wanted to eliminated the need for additional engineering as well as other costs associated with installing an IRB 5500 onto a third part rail solution,” says Michel Fouvet, ABB Product Manager, Paint. “Our new elevated rail is a standardized solution that enables the IRB 5500 to operate from either an elevated or floor level position.”

The Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500 is self-carrying and does not require a beam support under the rail. Its two pillars are designed to accommodate most length configurations. It also reduces any possible interference with the opening and closing of paint shop doors.

“The Elevated Rail for the IRB 5500 increases the flexibility on Stop & Go paint lines by enabling the robot to be put in the best possible position to guarantee an effective backup solution,” says Fouvet. “The rail can be used on both inside and outside paint lines and can accommodate most car body sizes. It also reduces the number of robots required on a paint line.” 

Based on the more than 30 years of rail experience, the IRB 5500 Elevated Rail from ABB is the fifth generation of ABB rail solutions for Paint. 

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